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Eid Mubarak – Black and White


This one is sold out!

We have teamed up with a number of inspirational Muslim artists to design these unique and exclusive postcards for you this Ramadan! Be sure to Order for your loved ones, Don’t miss out as there’s only a limited supply! Support this non-profit-making project and make a difference!


  • Shipping included for the Netherlands (+ € 5,- for the United Kingdom and Belgium)
  • 1 card is € 3,-
  • 5 cards are € 6,-
  • 10 cards are € 10,-
  • Printed on 330 gsm cardstock
  • Size 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm
  • Please note, orders can only be delivered to the Netherlands and the United Kingdom
  • For Belgium send us a mail or DM us on Instagram: @cards.for.uyghurs
  • You can place an order up until the 10 May 2021.

Please read the FAQ’s below

Out of stock


When will I receive my order?

Orders can be placed up until 10 May 2021. Orders will be dispatched together after the closing date.


What will happen with my donation?

There is a small amount of the total that will cover the production and delivery costs. The profit will be left to donate (which is 100% of the profit).

Ummah Welfare Trust will then use 100% of your donations to support our brothers and sisters with rebuilding their lives in Turkey.

Please visit their following website for more information:


How will I know the proceeds are being donated?

If you would like to be kept updated, please send an email to Or follow our instagram account:


What differences will our donations make to the life of effected people?

For the fortunate few who have fled the genocide of their homeland, notably to Turkey, Ummah Welfare Trust is beginning a new programme to help them start again. You can donate your Zakat, Sadaqah and Lillah to help Uighur refugees in Turkey with financial and household aid.

Why is there no VAT?

This is a non profit making project, therefore there is no VAT.

All rights reserved to the artists in this project. Please do not reproduce,distribute or adapt any part of the work without consent.

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